Input data
Tree and primary sequence annotations
Input data (tree and annotations) by Copy/Paste or by Upload. Trees to be analysed must be in Newick format. Trees must be rooted with care (or midpoint rooted) and contain branch lengths. Trees can contain support values such as bootstrap, posterior probabilities and likelihood ratio supports. Annotations to be analysed must be formatted as CSV (Coma Separated Values). The first row contains the names of the variables to be analysed. The first variable (first column) must be the taxa names (case sensitive).

Example 1 (HIV-A): Click for using the dataset from Salemi et al., 2008
Example 2 (HIV-C): Download tree Download annotations (right click, then "Save as...") , dataset from Jung et al., 2012

Tree Copy/Paste here:
Annotations Copy/Paste here:

Suplementary data (Optional)
Sizes to be used must be formatted as CSV. The first row contains two variable's name. the first variable (first column) must be the tip labels. The second variable (second column) must be the size numbers.

Sizes (optional)

(Click the "arrow" button to submit data, then select the "Tree" tab)